We will create a people-first culture resulting in an exceptional employee and client experience.

An Exceptional Experience

Keeping New Brunswick workers healthy and safe is more than a job – it’s a passion! We are workers too, as are our daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, parents and children, and friends and colleagues. Together, we build a strong network of support.

“Keeping New Brunswickers healthy and safe at work starts with our own people. We can do great things together when we care and support one another.”

– Caroline Graham
Team Lead of Health and Safety Specialists



Employee engagement

Employee engagement is key to building success by encouraging collaboration and communications, improving productivity, building trust and relationships, retention and talent acquisition. We conduct an extensive employee engagement survey every year.

2024 target: 70%


Client satisfaction

Our client satisfaction survey is conducted annually with a random sample of 300 employers and 1,000 injured workers who have received WorkSafeNB services in the past year. Key drivers for injured workers are staff character, outcomes, communication and timeliness. For employers, the key drivers are staff character, outcomes, service delivery and occupational health and safety culture.

2024 target: 80%